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Found Film: 1950s Little Boy Cowboy Playing with Toy Cap Guns

This is a home movie of a little boy who wants to grow up and become a cowboy. He starts in the living room on his rocking horse with a couple of cap guns. The movie moves outside first on the rocking horse than playing with friends in the front yard. This film was purchased from a facebook group a couple of years ago, the other films in the group were in the Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan.

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1930's Home Movie Zoo

1930’s Home Movie A Day at the Zoo Found

The 1930’s home movie starts with two elephants walking in their enclosure at the Zoo. This is immediately followed by an ostrich pecking at the ground in his area. Then comes the most prominent animal at the zoo, people! I love how the women sit on the ground in a dress and drink from bottles by using straws. The seals swimming around in the water and then men drinking from a water fountain. Next on the zoo tour is a couple of primates, a mom and baby- baboons I think.

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