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Found Ephemera: 1937-1938 Longview Texas High School Newspaper “The Lobo”

I got a call a couple of days ago from a man who helped to save a 1937 Longview Lobo Texas State Championship 8mm home movie saved. He had the film digitized and was going to sell copies to support the booster club.

I dug into my collection and found this 1937-1938 High School Newspaper. It has a students reporters point of view from the state championship. Sorry it was spiral bound and a couple words on the edges have been cut off.

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Found Film: 1940s Train Trip to New York City 8mm Home Movie

This is a home movie of a train trip with the Red Cross from rural Pennsylvania to New York City. I love the street scenes of the city, the neon, and signs make the video come alive. This was during the war and seeing the duffel bags stacked up on the train platform make you think about this scene going on every day in cities across the country. Great time machine!

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Found Film: Mountain (Band) Leslie West 1970s Dalla Texas 8mm Home Movie

This is a home movie footage of the band Mountain, it was shot in the 1970s in Dallas Texas.

Mountain is an American hard rock band that formed on Long Island, New York in 1969. Originally comprising vocalist and guitarist Leslie West, bassist and vocalist Felix Pappalardi, keyboardist Steve Knight and drummer N. D. Smart, the band broke up in 1972 and has reunited frequently since 1973.

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Found Film: Leon Russell April 1971 Dallas Texas 8mm Home Movie

This is a home movie of a Leon Russell playing in Dallas Texas in April 1971. I found this film at an estate sale in Pittsburg Texas.

Leon Russell was an American musician and songwriter who was involved with numerous bestselling pop music records during his 60-year career. His genres included pop, country, rock, folk, gospel, bluegrass, rhythm and blues, folk rock, blues rock, surf, standards, and Tulsa Sound.

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