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1957 Texas OU

Found Film: 1957 Texas vs Oklahoma Football Game

This is a home movie of the 1957 Red River Shootout at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas Texas. The game featured #1 Oklahoma vs. Texas and Darrell K Royal in his first Texas / OU game. Oklahoma won the game 21-7. The footage shows the University of Texas Band and the halftime show.

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Riverlake Country Club

Riverlake Country Club Flood Dallas Texas April 1957

This video was shot during the Dallas Flood in April 1957 in and around Dallas Texas. It shows Riverlake Country Club in Dallas Tx and the Dallas Area. I find this funny because when I was a kid I played the golf course that some of the footage shows. I can relate to this footage because it was wet than too!

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1950’s Biloxi Mississippi Beach

This is an 8mm home movie film footage from 1950’s Biloxi Mississippi.  The film starts with panoramic views from the hotel balcony of the Holiday Inn on the Mexico Gulf Shoreline.  There are absolutely beautiful white sands.  The film then shows the wind sails of small vessels and boats.  The film ends with close shore views

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Marshall Texas 1956 Wildlife

This is an 8mm home movie film from Marshall Texas 1956.  The film starts off with a squirrel in the front yard coming down from a tree.  The little guy romps around the grass for a while then onto the sidewalk.  Then, the lady of the house comes home.  Then back to the trees to find a red cardinal- and the squirrel again.  Then a couple of boys ride a bike down the street.  Next, a blue jay playing on the sidewalk, until the squirrel returns playing on the sidewalk, grass, and the tree.

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Found Film: Dallas Love Field Airport 1963

The film starts from the parking lot with a clear view of the sign reading “Dallas Love Field”.  The film begins again on the inside of the airport watching aircraft getting ready to taxi or take off.  I can not make out the first company, but the second is American Airlines.  It may be Braniff as their building is seen later as an airplane takes off from the runway.   As one the plane stops, all the luggage handlers and gas trucks converge as well as the outside passenger staircase.  Air traffic control tower is next.  There appears to be an outdoor walkway that a man is on.

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Lindsborg Kansas Hyllningsfest Parade 1963

This is 8mm home movie film footage taken at the Hyllningsfest Parade during October of 1963 in Lindsborg Kansas.  The parade is dedicated to “Swedes”.  As the film begins, the crowds on the sidewalks smile in anticipation.  Uncle Sam leads the parade followed by a marching band carrying the United States Flag.  Actor, Edgar Bergen, rides in a white convertible car.

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Wichita Kansas Parade with Bob Dole in 1969

This is an 8mm home movie from July of 1969.  It was taken at the Centennial Parade in Wichita Kansas. All the children look so excited to be there. Kansas Senator (and later Presidential Nominee) Bob Dole comes along in a red convertible (@ :23).  He is immediately followed by Garner E. Shriver a U.S. Representative from Kansas and finally Kansas Governor Robert Docking.  And, the last car has the Mayor of Wichita, Don Enoch.   The parade also has a some elaborate floats from main large local companies.  

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