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Goodyear Blimp Over the House

Funeral Birthday Party Goodyear Blimp 1974 Found 8mm Home Movie Film

This is your typical home movie with many events on one reel. The reel starts in April of 1974 at Uncle Lees(?) Funeral and then we see Carter at the cemetery. The reel progresses through many family events and ends in November of 1974 with Tracy the baby in a high chair looking cute as a button! Nothing groundbreaking happens in the footage, but the young boy playing with an Evil Knievel playset was a walk down memory lane because I had one when I was about his age. Also how cool was it to see the Goodyear blimp go right over that house!

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Boy wearing toy space helmet

Christmas 1970 Ideal Space Helmets Gifts Found 8mm Home Movie Film

This is a home movie of a family with young boys who each get an Ideal Space Helmet for Christmas. The film starts by showing the Christmas tree and decorations, and then the boys open their gifts those Ideal Space Helmets. The boys play with their Ideal Star Team Space Helmets for a few minutes. Looks like mom got a sit up exerciser and it looks like the boys are having a good time playing on it. Dad strums his new guitar and then film ends.

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Guard in tower

San Francisco California Alcatraz Prison 8mm Home Movie

Home movie of San Francisco California, Alcatraz, and other sights you would want to see in 1977. The film shows what a trip to the Bay Area in the 1970s would have been like! I really like the shot from the Streetcar shooting down the street, it looks like a roller coaster! I have never been to San Francisco, but in my mind’s eye that short clip is how I have always imagined it. I guess that is what you want from a home movie of San Francisco, something to remember it by.

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1960’s Memorial Day Cookout & Cemetery Visitation

This is color 8mm home movie film footage.  The film starts with a graveyard.  It shows the headstones and there appears to be a funeral happening in the background.  However, it then morphs into what appears to be a parade beginning with a band.  The film then cuts to a duck & swan pond before again returning to the cemetery and showing mother and fathers grave markers. There is a nice 1964 Corvette in the drive, but then a bright yellow car comes into view and drives by the cameraman as a little boy waves from the front seat.

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1970’s Chessie System Railway & Train Railroad

This is an 8mm color home movie from the 1970s in Ohio. The film starts with scenery through a fast-moving train. The film then cuts to the engine Chessie Steam Special locomotive engine #2101 of the Chessie System Railway. There are lots of people moving to load onto the trains passenger cars. The film shows the crew loading coal via a large claw bucket crane. The film shows a sign for Amtrak Station in Chillicothe, Ohio. The end of the film is the final destination for our cameraman. It appears to the Arkon Union Station in Akron, Ohio. According to the clock in the terminal, it’s 6:00.

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Walt Disney World 1972 Magic Kingdom Vacation

The footage starts with the tram loading gates and a quick view of Disney’s Contemporary Resort. The Monorail Train can be seen on the elevated track. As the tram pulls in, Main Street USA can be seen in the background. As they exit, they head towards the front gates and into the Magic Kingdom for the first view of Cinderella’s Castle. The family then gets on the train at the Main Street U.S.A station and heads through Adventureland and Frontierland. It is early in the history of the park as there are many open spaces available for development.

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