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Found Postcard: Moffat Tunnel Middle Park, Colorado

The great Moffat Tunnel, 6 miles long under the Continental Divide, is one of the great engineering features of Colorado. Taking four years to build, it had made an economical railroad connection between the two halves of the state so long divided by lofty mountain barriers and also brings water from the western slope to the east slope.

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Itasca State Park Postcard

Found Postcard: Douglas Lodge Itasca State Park Minnesota

Douglas Lodge was the first building constructed at Itasca State Park and is the oldest building in the Minnesota state park system. Construction started in 1903 and was completed in 1905. The cost of $11,500 was more than twice the amount originally appropriated.

Today Douglas Lodge is still in use, with the bottom floor consisting of a full-service restaurant and 4 hotel room on the second floor offering the comforts of home while giving a glimpse back in time.

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Jack Strong Rusk County Texas

Found Postcard: Jack Strong State Senator Rusk County Texas 1960s

This is the Jack Strong Family: Jack and his wife Rose, Charlotte, aged 9, Greg, Aged 7, Joe, Aged 3, and Steve, 20 months.

Jack Strong, the son of Judge Jim Strong of Carthage, is a former resident of Rusk County. He knows our people and understands our problems. He is a capable man of ability and character who wants to be your senator.

Let’s give a young man a chance. Let’s give our neighbor and friend a chance.

Let’s elect Jack Strong to the Senate.

Rusk County
Strong for Senator

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Tucumcari New Mexico Postcard

Found Postcard: Air View of Tucumcari New Mexico

Air View of Tucumcari New Mexico

A busy little city with a romantic name, Tucumcari from the air presents a very different picture to the one called up by the Indian legend as to the origin of the name, and also of the days when the buffalo roamed the Llano Estacado (staked plains). The surrounding country is devoted chiefly to stock raising, while Conchas Dam – fifteen miles distant – will bring millions of acres of rich land under cultivation in the near future.

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