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Cave of the winds in winter Niagara Falls

Found Postcard: Cave of the Winds in Winter, Niagara Falls

The ice formation presented in the above is reproduced here because of its unusual character. It is rare, even in the history of Niagara, that such a formation can be found. In the above, the visitor in imagination can wander through the aisles and transepts of great cathedral whose music is the anthem of the waters and whose organ peal the unending thunder of the cataract.

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Royal Gorge Bridge Postcard

Found Postcard: Suspension Bridge Spanning the top of Royal Gorge

Because of its narrow confines, the view from the bottom of the Royal Gorge is perhaps more exciting than from the top. Each daylight passenger train stops at the hanging bridge which is almost directly under the suspension bridge at the top as well as being almost directly at the foot of the incline railway. the combination of views of the high bridge overhead, the steep railway descending, the towering walls of the gorge on each side, the dashing river, coupled with the each of the locomotive thru the gorge and the black smoke swirling up the great walls, is very effective.

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Found Postcard: Liberty Hotel – Cleburne, Texas

An Entire City Block of Southern Hospitality Liberty Hotel – Cleburne, Texas.

Dear ______

I was near Dallas near Ft. Worth, near Glen Rose and near Waco, within a short distance of this Hotel and was told about it and about its comforts, its food, and its rates.

when you are in this section of Teas be sure to make an inquiry about it, honestly, it is worth driving a few more miles. Tell everybody you see I was at the Famous Liberty Hotel in Cleburne.

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