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I am that guy, the one who buys other peoples memories.  You know the weirdo with boxes of old photos, home movies, letters, handwritten recipes, and anything else that tells a story.  I buy these things because it is important to remember the things that were important to those before us.

Digital Collections

Home Movies

Featuring 100s of home movies from all over the world. Moments in history forgotten and now found!


Hundreds of thousands of photos are thrown away every year. We have saved a few and they are found here.


We can learn more from the stuff tucked into desk drawers and boxes than many history classes.

This website has been featured in print and video from these great publishers and news stations.  I am proud they think this is important and interesting enough to cover! 

Forgotten Now Found

“A while ago I found the pictures from the 371st Fighter Group. My father is in several of these pictures. He shows up in the pictures with his plane “Peg-o-My Heart” named after my mother. This was quite a find for me and my family, particularly the one where he is sitting in the cockpit of his plane. Just an FYI for you and thanks for posting.”

Why I do this?

There were many triggers that made me collect, archive, and share these items.  

The biggest was the number of personal letters, cards, and photos that would be at a person’s estate sale or auction.  I always felt it was sad that no one in the family cared about these things that once meant so much to someone they loved. 

That the items were there because they had to be, no one wanted them.   I feel that I owe it to them to carry their story forward.

Normal life needs to be celebrated as much as the famous life.  We all are important.