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Found Film: The Anniversary

I want to thank Mrs. Peggy Fisher for letting me be a part of sharing her classic American family with the followers of my blog. I know your family has enjoyed seeing the old memories, but know these movies are making new memories for many more. It is like we are all transported back in time.

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Found Ephemera: Abraham Lincoln in Kansas Territory December 1-7, 1859

When Lincoln made his one and only Kansas sojourn in 1859, however, he seemed like just another politician, aspiring to the nation’s highest office. His senatorial debates with Stephen A. Douglas the previous year had gained Lincoln a national reputation and a modest following, but most Kansas Republicans favored his better-known rival for the young party’s nomination, William H. Seward. Thus, Lincoln’s trip to Kansas Territory received only slight press coverage and was relatively brief. His message, nevertheless, was one of significance for the territory and nation at a pivotal moment in our country’s history.

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