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Farm Life

Found Film: American Farm Life 1940s

This home movie has a family on the farm in the 1940s taking shots of plowing the ground, feeding the pigs, and much more.

Grandma rough housing with the little girl, made me chuckle. I also love the color the Kodak Kodachrome film has, it make everything look magical!

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Baby Pushing a Stroller

Found Film: Fort Amador Panama Navy Family 1936 8mm Home Movie

This is an 8mm home movie of a Navy family stationed in Panama at Fort Amador in 1936. The box says “The 1st film of Baby 6 months 1936”. What a life to be born into, traveling across the world. Not many people in the 1930’s traveled more than a few hundred miles from where they were born. This little baby traveled halfway around the globe before its first birthday.

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Las Vegas Nevada 1952

Found Film: Las Vegas Nevada Fremont Street 1952 8mm Home Movie

This is a home movie of a drive around the streets of Las Vegas Nevada in 1952. The movie starts on Fremont Street and ends at the Texaco Fire Chief Station. Thank you Vintage Las Vegas for a list of all the sites with time stamps!

0:05 Fremont St – Golden Nugget, Pioneer Club
0:15 Wee Kirk O’ The Heather
0:21 Orchid Florist & Wedding Chapel
0:25 Thunderbird Hotel
0:35 Last Frontier Texaco Fire Chief stn.
0:05 Fremont St – Golden Nugget, Pioneer Club

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