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Baby Pushing a Stroller

Found Film: Fort Amador Panama Navy Family 1936 8mm Home Movie

This is an 8mm home movie of a Navy family stationed in Panama at Fort Amador in 1936. The box says “The 1st film of Baby 6 months 1936”. What a life to be born into, traveling across the world. Not many people in the 1930’s traveled more than a few hundred miles from where they were born. This little baby traveled halfway around the globe before its first birthday.

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Las Vegas Nevada 1952

Found Film: Las Vegas Nevada Fremont Street 1952 8mm Home Movie

This is a home movie of a drive around the streets of Las Vegas Nevada in 1952. The movie starts on Fremont Street and ends at the Texaco Fire Chief Station. Thank you Vintage Las Vegas for a list of all the sites with time stamps!

0:05 Fremont St – Golden Nugget, Pioneer Club
0:15 Wee Kirk O’ The Heather
0:21 Orchid Florist & Wedding Chapel
0:25 Thunderbird Hotel
0:35 Last Frontier Texaco Fire Chief stn.
0:05 Fremont St – Golden Nugget, Pioneer Club

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Flower Lambert Gardens

Found Film: Lambert Gardens Portland Oregon 1952 8mm Home Movie

Lambert Gardens was a private botanical garden of over 30 acres in the Reed neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, United States, north of Reed College at SE 28th Ave. and SE Steele St. It was a significant attraction, drawing tens of thousands of visitors a year. This home movie of Lambert Gardens in Portland Oregon was taken in 1952. The flowers and gardens are so pretty it is to bad it was all torn down to put in apartment buildings.

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