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Found Film: 1953 Mineola Texas Watermelon Fest

This is a home movie of the Watermelon Fest in Mineola Texas. This film was shot in 1953. Watermelon Festival beginning in 1948, the city of Mineola hosted the annual Watermelon Festival. The festival included a parade, a pageant culminating in the crowing of a Watermelon Queen, as well as free watermelon for the public. The festival was discontinued in the 1960s.

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1957 Texas OU

Found Film: 1957 Texas vs Oklahoma Football Game

This is a home movie of the 1957 Red River Shootout at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas Texas. The game featured #1 Oklahoma vs. Texas and Darrell K Royal in his first Texas / OU game. Oklahoma won the game 21-7. The footage shows the University of Texas Band and the halftime show.

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Found Film: 1950s Little Boy Cowboy Playing with Toy Cap Guns

This is a home movie of a little boy who wants to grow up and become a cowboy. He starts in the living room on his rocking horse with a couple of cap guns. The movie moves outside first on the rocking horse than playing with friends in the front yard. This film was purchased from a facebook group a couple of years ago, the other films in the group were in the Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan.

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