The Things I Find

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Every day holds the possibility of something exciting happening. This is true of life in general, but also in my never-ending search for unique ephemera, home movies, and paper items. The discovery is exciting and items come to me through any number of ways.

I enjoy going to estate sales, yard sales, garage sales, church rummage sales…lots of sales to find interesting items for the site and my collections. I also am sent items from folks across the country. And, then there is the accidental discovery. The one that is buried at the bottom of a box. The newspaper used as packing at the bottom of a box full of things that the original packer deemed more important than the snapshot of local history that they were also packing away without a conscience thought about the mini-time capsule they created.

This recently happened when I was going through a box and at the very bottom, perfectly preserved was a Sears Robuck newspaper from Tyler, Texas. It’s a single sheet and it’s pretty simple in content. The interesting part is that this paper was an accidental rescue from the trash. Unlike many of the items that meant something to the person who kept them. This was not the case here. This was something that could be used to pack away the items that meant something to the person.

Ironically, I am excited about this find at the very bottom of the box. Time is funny like that. What holds importance today may not tomorrow and vice versa. What held no value yesterday, is the exciting to me today.