Bringing back Yesterday’s Memories

I have said in the past and I am sure I will say again, you never know what you will find on a found home movie. I might be the first person in 60 years to see it. And, even if the box it was kept in has a list of the events and dates, it isn’t always a true reflection of the importance of the film or how it may connect with me or others.

Recently, I came across exactly this type of home movie. The box had a list of things that were on the film. The very last item written very tiny at the very bottom of the box was “Henderson Pool”. Since I am only 20 miles from Henderson, Texas I was interested to see if it was my Henderson and what the pool looked like since I know there is not a pool there now.

After digitizing this film, it was, in fact, a pool in Henderson, Texas. The images from the film intrigued me; I wanted to know more, so I reached out to the internet community. I posted to a Henderson area Facebook Group.

By sharing this clip, I found out so much more about the location than was visible. The location of the pool was Lake Forest Park. At the park was also a small zoo, a putt-putt golf course, concession stand, boat rides on the lake, and a Merry-Go-Round. None of those are shown in the film. This place sparked memories for people. Memories well beyond the pool. Those memories were brought forward from years past by the 10-second clip. It was amazing and wonderful to read.

The memories included all types of things from riding bikes to go swimming or going to the pool to meet girls or to the park to feed the ducks. There was a conversation about the monkeys at the zoo. And, it seems that it was only $.25 for two rounds in the boat on the lake.

Because of this random short home movie clip, these people were talking about something and someplace that is no longer there and memories stored away long ago. The pool was closed and filled-in during the 1990s and the memories were packed away. But, the visualization in this film brought forth so much for these people. A group of people suddenly connected by their recollections and memories and stories of this place that is no longer there.

I share these films, not only to preserve them but to help remind us of the past and the memories and shared experiences we have. It’s not about the people in the films, it’s about helping us remember and spark something within ourselves.

It is a 10-second clip from a home movie. However, to those who saw it in person, it was a visual glimpse into a place they hadn’t been in years and may not have thought about in as many years. As for me, I enjoyed reading the forgotten now found memories these people in the community shared around the home movie of the Henderson pool at Lake Forest Park.

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