Found Letter: Letter home from Vietnam May 20th, 1970

This is a letter sent home from Vietnam in May of 1970. The letter was found in a children’s book went a friend of mine was flipping through the pages. He was nice enough to send it to me to share with you!



May 20th, 1970
355 Days

Hi Michelle,

Well how are things at home? Things are really great here. What a joke! I swear to god, this place really sucks ass! I’m right on the border of Laos, and at night you can see our planes bombing over there.

You wouldn’t believe how god damn hot and humid it is here. At night you sweat like hell while your sleeping. Then when it rains, each drop is as big as a bucket of water.

I live in a little booth with another guy. You might say that it’s air-conditioned because it has screen walls on it. I work twelve hours a day six days a week, and I bust my ass. Our planes are always making rocket runs over Laos. So as you can see this is a nice little resort area Ha Ha! How are you getting along with your boyfriend? Has dick been getting you drunk lately? Tell Diane that I lost her address, and tell Kim to drop me a line.

There’s a small town a few miles from here, and it has some bars and a few cat houses. But I wouldn’t think! of going to one Ha Ha! Not yet anyway. They showed us some films and slides on V.D. and after you see them you want to keep old charlie in your pants the whole time you’re here.

Well Michelle I guess that’s about it for now. So be good and take care. Tell the whole gang hi for me okay!



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