Owensboro Kentucky Chattanooga Area Bears Dam Waterfalls 1940’s Found 8mm Home Movie Film

This home movie was shot in Owensboro Kentucky and then the filmer goes to the Chattanooga area. It has footage of Point Park at the Lookout Mountain Battlefield in Chattanooga. Point Park is a ten-acre memorial park that overlooks the Lookout Mountain Battlefield and the city of Chattanooga. I am not sure where the dam in the footage is located, if you know please let us know.

Thank you to fnord_bronco on Reddit for IDing the Dam as Norris Dam near Knoxville. I think that is right!!

How did you digitize this film?

We are losing more history every day. The longer you wait to digitize that home movie of your grandparents at prom or your mom’s first car the more it degrades. I use the Wolverine 8mm and Super 8 Film Reel Converter Scanner to digitize what you see here.

Wolverine 8mm and Super 8 Film Reel Converter Scanner

Wolverine 8mm Super 8 Film Converter Scanner

It is easy to set up and operate and stores the files onto an SD card so you can quickly transfer files to your PC. If you have more than 10 films to scan this is definitely going to be cheaper than paying for someone to do it for you, and you’ll have the results quickly about 30 minutes scan time per standard 8mm reel.