I have over my years made friends with a number of people on Youtube. Just like anywhere you might make a friend, youtube has keepers and losers, I have been lucky and found a few keepers! Some I chat with regularly, while others it is a mutual appreciation of the others work! The College Picker fall into the later, but we have chatted on occasion, and it has always been a pleasant interaction.

A couple of weeks back, I sent him a message on Instagram letting him know I thought his recent content was top notch. He has been posting a lot about hacks to save money and the virtues of living a debt free life. I thought it was good and just wanted to let him know I valued it. But to my surprise, he said he had seen my home movie posts on Youtube and had a couple he had saved and wanted to send them my way. I was excited because he would be the first person, and hopefully not the last, to find and help me save some forgotten memories.

I got the package a couple of days later and digitized the first reel that night. It was nothing groundbreaking, but I was the first person to see it in who knows how long. That makes it special to me! I sent it over to The College Picker and he was excited to see it too!! So it was a Win-Win situation!

I will post the videos below as I get them uploaded!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5AweHzwX7so[/embedyt]