Found Film: Dallas Love Field Airport 1963

1963 Dallas Love Field Airport

This is 8mm home film footage from 1963.  The film starts from the parking lot with a clear view of the sign reading “Dallas Love Field”.  The film begins again on the inside of the airport watching aircraft getting ready to taxi or take off.  I can not make out the first company, but the second is American Airlines.  It may be Braniff as their building is seen later as an airplane takes off from the runway.   As one the plane stops, all the luggage handlers and gas trucks converge as well as the outside passenger staircase.  Air traffic control tower is next.  There appears to be an outdoor walkway that a man is on.  And, finally, the main indoor lobby space of the airport with its shops and 1960’s decor is seen.  I love the space age looking ashtrays at the end of the seating.

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